The Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company was formally organized in March 1930.  The Company's original equipment consisted of a large dinner bell and two fire extinguishers. Later on in 1930, the Company acquired two hand drawn hose carts. The meetings and other functions were held in the Sipesville Community Band Hall.  On April 23, 1936, the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company added to its name and became incorporated and officers were elected.

In July 1936, the Fire Company hosted the Somerset County Fireman's Convention. The activities included a week long carnival at Schmucker's Grove (near the present elementary school) and a parade through town. In October 1937, using profits from the County Convention, shooting matches, card parties, bingo's, suppers, and square dances, the company purchased their first motorized apparatus; a new Ford pumper. The cost of the fire engine and some other much needed equipment totaled $1,557.60.

The Band Hall was purchased in October 1946 from the Sipesville Community Band. It was remodeled then sold in 1955 so the Fire Company could bid on the Sipesville Schoolhouse at a public auction. The fire company won the bid and then moved into what is still the present fire station.

Around 1956 the need for a new fire engine was resolved with the purchase of a 1953 Ford fire engine.  Sometime around this era, the company also purchased a used hearse to serve as an ambulance.  This unit was given the designation of Medic 675 and the medical equipment consisted of an oxygen cylinder and mask, ladder splints, and a basic first aid kit.  Around 1982, the company upgraded equipment once more and purchased a used 1969 Ford F-700 fire engine.  This unit became known as Engine 607-2 and was later refurbished with an upgraded pump and larger tank.

In 1981 the former schoolhouse was renovated and underwent some major changes.  Perhaps the most significant change was the removal and resizing of the large windows located along the front side of the building.  In the dining hall portion of the building, wood paneling and a suspended ceiling were added for a fresh new look.  Improvements were also made to the kitchen area with the addition of new countertops and cabinets.

During the 1980's and early 1990's, the fire company had expanded its apparatus profile to include a mini-pumper and a squad.  The mini-pumper was a 1974 Chevrolet and was designated as Engine 607-1. This unit would be replaced during the mid 1990's by a 1975 Ford F-350 Custom purchased form the Acosta Fire Department.  The squad was a revived box style bread truck which was known as Squad 607-4. This unit was equipped with some rescue and firefighting equipment, but was used mainly for the transport of personnel to and from incidents.

The company also built their first custom tanker on a 1978 Mack R Model chassis. The chassis for the truck was purchased from the New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co. in Somerset, PA.  The unit was then turned over to 4 Guys Fire Equipment for the addition of a 2250 gallon tank and 750 GPM front mounted pump.  This unit would come to be known as Tanker 607-3, which served our company well up till 2011.  

In 1989, the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company became an authorized Pennsylvania Turnpike Service Provider.  This led the company to purchase a new Holmatro hydraulic combi tool, short and long hydraulic rams, and power plant to increase the company's vehicle rescue capabilities. The next apparatus purchase came in 1993.  The fire company contracted New Lexington Fire Equipment to construct a state-of-the-art fire engine on a Mack MR600P Chassis.  The resulting apparatus had a 750 gallon tank, a 1500 GPM pump, and class A and B foam.

The new engine replaced the Squad, and became designated as Engine 607-4.  Engine 4 was setup mainly for firefighting operations, while the mini (Engine 1) carried the vehicle rescue and brush firefighting equipment.  The company also added a 16' x 25' addition to the rear of the truck bay to accommodate the new apparatus, and racks for the firefighters' turnout gear.  Near the end of the 1990's the company decided that it would be beneficial to purchase a squad unit for transporting the increasing number of active firefighters to and from calls.  The Berlin Volunteer Fire Department graciously responded to the need and offered to sell their former Squad, a 1989 Dodge Van, to the fire company for $1.  The Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxilary donated the money for the newly acquired Squad 607-5 to be repainted and lettered. In 2011 the company purchased a 2008 Ford Excursion to replace the aging Squad 607-5.

In July of 2002, the company responded to a call at the Quecreek Mine. Little did the firefighters expect to be placed in the national spotlight during the dramatic rescue of nine trapped miners.  In 2003, the fire company took another giant step by breaking ground for a new fire station building.  The new building has a five bay garage to house all of the apparatus under one roof.  A larger dining hall also serve as a meeting place for banquets and other community events.  The station has a lounge, exercise equipment, and increased storage or office space for the members of the fire company.  In 2011 Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company celebrated 75 years of continued service to the community.

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