Sipesville Members

Executive Officers

President - Nick Lottig      

Vice President - Cory Fanale

Recording Secretary - Mandy Wood    

Treasurer - Liz Kovach

Financial Secretary - Mandy Wood   

Trustee - Ben Sheeler, Dave Shaulis, Marc Jackson

Board of Directors - Marc Jackson, Jim Shroyer, Nick Lottig,                             Ben Sheeler, Dan Carr, Scott Kovach, Brandon Trent

Line Officers

Fire Chief - Scott Kovach

Deputy Chief - Jim Livingston

Assistant Chief - Nick Kovach

Captain - Pat Wood

Lieutenant - Cory Fanale

Safety Officer - Nick Lottig

Training Officers - Cory Fanale. Pat Wood

Truck Foreman - Brandon Knopsynder

Fire Police Captain - Ben Sheeler

Senior Members

Senior members are 18 years or older and make up the largest percentage of our active firefighters.

Junior Members

This category of membership is for teenagers with a valid work permit that are interested in learning about the fire company through a hands-on approach.  Juniors are not allowed to perform interior structural firefighting tasks until they become senior members.

Colin Mosholder

Lifetime Members

This level is for persons who have maintained membership for 20 years or more.

Harold Berkey - 1953, George Hoffman - 1956

Richard Serena - 1956,   Harry Barnett - 1958

Richard Fox - 1959,  John Fisher - 1960

Barrie Baker - 1961, William Hoffman - 1962

Robert Shaulis - 1968, William Ohler - 1972

Randy Zambanini - 1973, Mark Zambanini - 1974

Chester Cyga - 1975, Roger Rayman - 1976

Daniel Sheeler - 1978, Jim Shroyer - 1978

Jeff Brant - 1982, Wayne Coleman - 1982

Dan Carr - 1983,   Michael Brant - 1984

Scott Kovach - 1990, Mark Bumbarger - 1991

Honorary Lifetime Members

Travis Tritt    Dr. Robert Bastian   Maxine Cook

AJ Walker    Karen Hottle    Gloria Stern   Ernie Stern


Deceased Members

In honor of the members that spent their lives with the Sipesville Fire Department. We will never forget you, Rest In Peace brothers and sisters.

“While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.’ ~John Taylor

Dorothy Barclay, Frank Miller, Ed Barndt, Harold Darr, Jack Domer,

John Friedline, William Shaulis, Kevin Blough

Social Members

Social members are individuals that like to be involved in the department but do not take part in active firefighting. Social members help serve meals, prepare meals and fundraise.

Dr. Albert Barnett,   Hannah Gross,   Wayne Close,   Aimee Bittner

Heather Fanale,   Amy Nicholson,   Shari Close   

Ladies Auxillary

The ladies auxillary helps the fire company by taking care of booking hall rental, scheduling dinners, and overall supervision of the kitchen and banquet hall.

President - Sally Shroyer

Secretary - Lisa Carr

Treasurer - Susie Kovach

Reservations - Dana Trent

Connie Bumbarger   Tammy Shaulis   Kaylyn Brant   Patricia Fox

Dory Blough   Janet Fisher

Dan Carr

Austin Carr

Doug Fanale

Pat Madigan

Adam Schrock

Mandy Wood

Jeremy Nicholson

Brandon Trent

Jeff Sampeer

Jeff Brant

Mark Bumbarger

Dave Shaulis

Anthony Maust

Shannon Davis

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